Monday, March 24, 2014

Judith Braun

New York artist, Judith Braun creates huge wall murals drawn using just her fingers dipped in graphite and charcoal. She uses symmetry in a lot of her works and her out stretched arms to create the symmetry in the bigger symmetrical works. From afar her landscapes look detailed and whole yet on close inspection it is all completed with her fingerprints in a pointillist way. I love the rhythm and patterns in  her work and of course something made from an unlikely technique. It is similar to artists who use their bodies to create performance drawings, such as Heather Hansen and Tony Orrico.

Wild wall: The full extent of Braun's landscape at the Chrysler Museum of Art

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Fingering #19
Fingering # 18
Fingering #16, 2012
Finished work
Performance Art previous post

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