Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mosaic Lounge

My Mother-in-law has always wanted to build a lounge form hebel (aerated concrete) and mosaic it. So when she got a whole heap of hebel blocks as seconds and my husband designed the way to build it, her dream came true! We helped, laying the blocks down like brick layers (I thought it was fun) to create the box shape, and using all the blocks we had! Then came the fun part of shaping it. Using files, chisels, angle grinder, and sand paper it came to shape, and actually looks comfortable and cute. The next step was mosaicking! We left that to her to conquer, taking a few years to get to the finished result using different coloured and sized stripes.

Building it up brick layer style

Angle grinding is duty work
Almost there 

The finished shape before mosaicking

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