Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Baby Shower Ideas

Any excuse for a themed get together with games! And what great ideas for food, gifts and games..
A good friend of mine is having her baby shower and after researching I made her a chalkboard sign she can use as the baby gets older. Being a graphic designer, this was suiting form me. I also love those growth shots! I also made a sock bouquet and towel teddy bear. The card was a cute baby carriage with buttons and according pleat fan.. All in the blue theme.. I also had a go at making little gingerbread teddy bear cookies, an idea I saw on Pinterest but I used Tiny Teddy biscuits. It was too fiddly to have it holding/hugging the tiny teddy so I ended up making them pregnant :)


So many great ideas once again.. Teddy bears, animals, popcorn (ready to pop), baby themes- wrapped in blankets etc..

Baby fruit


Milestone or growth charts or gifts with a twist.. Make mundane wash cloths and socks into cupcakes, flowers, teddy bears or other animals..

My own creation of a growth chalkboard sign for photography
Milestone blanket
Sock bouquet
My own creation based on the tutorial above
Teddy bear wash cloths
My own creation using the tutorial above with a hand towel
Elephant wash cloths


Endless ideas for cute cards..
My own creation
Pin family
New baby card made with buttons..
Cute elephant about to pop
Card or wall art idea


A lot of quiz type ones are great! Match the baby animal or famous babies, baby related scategories, nursery rhymes etc.. And of course predictions and advice cards can be fun, even creating a time capsule for the baby to open when 18..
Pin the dummy on the baby or sperm on the egg
Guess how many lollies in the bottle
Skull from a baby bottle
Spit the dummy (see how far each can spit a dummy)
Mum or Dad? Choose between the facts (when first walked etc)
Labour or porn- Close up pics of faces and have to guess which
Baby bingo (with gifts)
Name the song (with baby theme)
Guess the name (or suggest names)
Guess the baby food
Nursery Rhyme quiz
Animal babies quiz
Famous parents quiz
The list is endless!

Cutest-baby-shower-ideas- Some great ones on this site

And I love the idea of giving blue or pink shower poufs as gifts to say from one shower to another! (or any blue/pink shower related item for that matter)

Guess the baby
Don't say "baby"- easy and fun- Or give everyone name tags with baby related names (nappy,  bottle etc)
Advice or Mad libs

How the baby was made- Toilet roll with plunger
(or similar game with balloon  between legs and partner has to pop it by "humping" with hips)
Face mixups
Pass the parcel rhyme- this would be great for lots of parties!
Celebrity babies


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