Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Em's Mad Hatter Hens

I finally got to have a Mad Hatter's themed party! And what a party! What a theme! For my hen's my sister, Mum and I planned a Mad Hatter's tea party, making the food, decorating my sister's backyard and organising plenty of fun games. I couldn't leave it up to others to plan it as I didn't want to be left out!! We all collecting things for the day for ages, getting lots of inspiration from Pinterest.. I picked up lots of teacups from op shops and made eat me and drink me tags and other decos/props.. Mum brought over a trailer load of stuff from her place to set up the outside area of my sister's along with varies eccentric things my sister had around her place.. We also spent the week making all sorts of Alice in Wonderland and tea party inspired food..


Mismatched chairs, lace and mismatched tablecloths, doilies, little hankies as serviettes, dresser, hat stand, gypsy chandelier, knitted throw rugs, suitcases, bird cage, piles of vintage books, tea cups and tea pots a plenty, roses, hats, scarves, pom pom curtain, clocks, lamp, and all sorts of other vintage and old random objects!

Down the rabbit hole welcome sign and helium heart balloons
Rabbits feet to lead outside
"Read the directions, and directly you'll be directed in the right direction"

"If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there"
Croquet: mallets made from a pool cue and old rolling pin and cardboard flamingoes and hedgehog ball

Cardboard card soldiers

Food and Drinks:

We made 2 types of punches, one ice tea mascot one and a sangria. We also had a variety of teas and coffee. We had lots of fun making all the food. Scones, quiches, sandwiches, cupcakes, as well as themed food, apple roses, heart tarts, teabag cookies, and "mad" cake!!
This one makes you smaller punch
This one makes you taller sangria
Drink me
Eat me
The Queen of Hearts made some tarts
"Mad" cake!!
Apple roses
Tea bag cookies and heart tarts


Everyone coincidently came as something different from Alice in Wonderland (although no Alice).

Queen of hearts
Off with your head!
Queen and the caterpillar
"We're all Mad Here"- Cheshire Cat
I'm late, I'm late!!- Rabbit
"Painting the roses red"- Rose bush and card soldier
"Twinkle, Twinkle little bat"- Cheshire Cat and Dormouse


Chess, croquet, twister painted on the lawn, plus a few hen's related games. And I got everyone to kiss with lipstick and sign my visitor's book :)
"OFF WITH YOUR HEAD" The Queen of hearts
Twister on the lawn
Blowing the biggest condom game!
The visitors book
Now we have all the Alice in Wonderland/ Mad Hatters decorations we'll have to have another party sometime!! Was an excellent theme that I can now cross off my bucket list!!

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