Friday, April 17, 2015

Em's Jumper/Sweater Cushion

I have been waiting for winter to arrive so the op shops put out their winter stock so I could find an orange jumper/sweater to turn into a cushion. I wanted to make cushions from jumpers for a while, especially since we bought a bigger lounge. I needed more cushions. They had to match the retro print ones we already had and I thought orange would be perfect, with big buttons, maybe orange plastic ones. Well I couldn't believe my luck when I scanned the jumper rack in the first op shop and saw this one in the perfect shade AND it had bug buttons!!! I love the wooden buttons and think it works really well.

The jumper before
It was very simple to make and took all of 20mins? I also had bought a cushion from the op shop and used the existing cushion cover as a template, worked out what part of the jumper I wanted and cut a square from the front and back. Then sewed the two right sides together all the way around, turned it the right way and hey presto! Done! The beauty of it is I can use the buttons to put it on the cushion so their was no need for a zipper or any hand stitching.

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