Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mondo Cherry

Handcrafted artwork and home-wares inspired by colours, textures, fabrics and paper is, Melbourne based, Mondo Cherry's signature style. Just up my alley. Their blog contains great inspiration in DIY projects, decorating and party ideas as well as their own stuff. Their use of a range of materials, including textured paper, recycled materials (books, maps) and patterned fabric and paper, compliments their love of colour mixed with white. Their own paper craft artworks are clever and pretty.

Long stitched pegboard headboard
Sock vases
Moroccan glasses as tealight holders- LOVE Moroccan glasses! Beautiful!
Everything looks better in glass decorating
Rag rug with T-shirts, hessian and rug hooks
DIY envelopes
Spot sticker crafts
Gold dot stickers wrapping paper
Using interesting stitches and strong paper for wrapping paper
Fabric flower headpiece
Beaded fabric cards
Coloured hearts
Black, beige and cream button art
Vintage paper butterflies
More butterflies
Emerald heart flowers- so intricate
More Blossoms
Vintage Tags
Beautiful fabrics button artwork
Mixed colours

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