Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sock dolls

These are such a cute idea plus it's recycling! Some of these are made so well with great character.. I think I will definitely be trying this.. A way to use up all those stripy socks I used to collect..

Mouse sock doll
Cat sock doll 
Elephant sock doll
Sock Monkey tutorial
So cute! Love the buttons.. Not for the babies though..
How to make a sock doll..
Glove squirrel
Other ways to Recycle and Play


  1. Can u hug them all ?

  2. Hi there! I would love the patterns for these sock dolls if possible? I am a teacher with an arts and craft club and we are wanting to make sock dolls for the local homeless shelter as our community service aspect.

  3. The links are in the post.. This one's probably the best: