Monday, November 5, 2012

Gumball Party

I made a colourful 3D animation in first year of uni using dynamics in Alias Maya of what goes on inside a gumball machine. I would still love to have a rainbow themed party and what better way than to use a gumball theme too. There are some great ideas for this theme..
My animation

Gumball centrepiece or place setting made from pot and base, glass candle bowl and wooden knob 
Gumball cookies- using an upside down snowman cutter- The detail!
Gumball party favours using takeaway cups
Mini gumball favours- mini flower pot, plastic balls and beads..
Gumball fish tank
Samantha Hahn Illustration

Gumball costume! Ha!

Baby gumball machine costume

Gumball stamp
Gjumball necklace
Gumboil machine cupcakes

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