Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Em's Wicked Witch of the East Bookmark

I have posted about these awesome bookmarks before and had to make them myself! The Wicked Witch of the East is such a great idea for a bookmark. I got the idea from 'My Bookmark' Etsy page. I used white polymer clay and painted it and added glitter to the shoes. The hardest thing was getting both legs the same. I just didn't know what to put on the bookmark part. When I came across the death certificate I knew it was perfect so printed it and used tea bags to discolour it! Done! I am so going to make these for everyone for Christmas! I want to have a go at some of the ideas at 'My Bookmark' and tailor each one to personality! I have already started making firemen boots for my cousin who's a firefighter.


  1. where oh where can I get some of these? They're precious!

  2. I made this one as a Christmas gift but got the idea from