Sunday, July 15, 2012

T-shirt refashions

There are so many ideas out there to turn baggy old t-shirts into different things, the fabric being so versatile. Other posts have ideas for accessories etc but here is a summary of refashioned t-shirts into tops, dresses or skirts. My problem is that I can never get my hands on enough t-shirts. I don't have any suitable types lying around like everyone else seems to have and the op shops don't seem to sell many either, when they do they seem over priced for something I'm going to cut up or have terrible slogans splashed across them. I always have my eye out for cheap t-shirts and have tried to spread the word around that I will take peoples t-shirts. I have had a few donations so am keen to try one or a few of these ideas..

Generation T is a great website with information, tutorials and links to different t-shirt refashions! The red halter below is from the book Generation T: 108 ways to transform a t-shirt. I want this book. They have also released another book, Generation T: 120 new ways to transform a t-shirt.

Threadbanger is a Youtube channel with video tutorials on how to refashion and make your own clothes including many of t-shirt refashions.

Wobisobi is a blog full of great T-shirt refashions and other DIY crafts with great instructions.

El Mismo Sol makes and sells upcycled clothing from old t-shirts, sweaters and blankets. Also found here

29 recycled t-shirts

Generation T halter
Tank- I will try this, looks easy
Wobisobi easy no Sew, DIY Tee-Shirt Halter
T Shirt into skirt with pockets from sleeves! Looks comfy!
Ruffled skirt
Summer dress from 2 t-shirts
Swimsuit coverup dress- with instructions
How cute are these kids PJ pants
El Mismo Sol dresses from t-shirts
Other inspiration. Simple shirts that could easily be made form t-shirts..
Bow tie top
Easy versatile shirt
From a turtleneck?
Check out my previous post with Men's shirt Up-cycle ideas too!

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