Sunday, June 12, 2011

Magazine Rack

We have needed a magazine rack in the bathroom for a while now but want to make one ourselves.. After a bit of searching I found these good designs. Two very different but both appealing designs! I like wood and anything that uses different types of wood. Like my bedside table that I made. But I also like the other design, which looks kinda art deco and could be made from some sort of recycled material? I always like that idea!

I also don't mind this type of style as it is recycled. I also thought this style but use some kind of recycled fabric as the weave. Denim?

By the way here is my bedside table I made in high-school. Laminated plywood made into a ball using the lathe (blunted the tools every few minutes because of all the glue in it), Tasmanian Silver Oak and Tiger Myrtle for the draw. Like I said I love the mix of woods.

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