Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Question Mark, 2003
City View, 2003

Building Blocks, 1997

Lovers, 1998

Kumi Yamashita's shadow art is so clever. Check out the video for animated shadows.. She has also done other ingenious works such as portraits made from thread and pins or rubbings.

Thread and Pins Portrait
Rubbing portrait using a credit Card

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are other shadow artists who have created works using found objects, waste materials and rubbish.
"Like alchemists or magicians, make something extraordinary out of the most humble materials. They create romantic images of hope out of darkness and debris".

HE/SHE, (Diptych), 2004, Welded metal
Dirty White Trash (with Gulls), 1998, 6 months worth of artists' trash, 2 taxidermy seagulls

Wasted Youth, 2000, trash, McDonalds packaging, replica food, wood
The Original Sinners, 2000, eplica fruits, wood, moss and berries, plastic ornamental bowls, fishing wire, cooking oil, pump mechanism, metal, MDF

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