Monday, October 13, 2014

Paper Ballerinas

Russian, Stariy Chemodan creates these adorable, cute and whimsical wire and paper napkin ballerinas! Great for Christmas decorations, mobiles and gifts. Check out the detailed tutorial on how to make them!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Now York based artist and fashion illustrator Bil Donovan, uses brush and ink and collage in a number of his works for high end fashion, advertising and editorials. His collages are magnificently detailed and awe-inspiring!

Couture Girls- I love the shapes and resist squiggles!!
Collage LnT- Absolutely love these colourful collages  with the clever use of text
Collage Salon Mag
NYTalk 80's
Two Blue Guys- Loving this collage concept
Elle Germany
Paris M.A.G.
T and CAD
Saks-Tst- Love the silhouette look..

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Katie Rogers Fashion Illustration

New York based fashion illustrator, Katie Rodgers has some amazing watercolour work as well as creating mixed media works with glitter, sequins and other found media or creating images from the unpredictable.. The added sequins and other media seem to give it a more realistic look..
Her Shadow Dancers are shapes of dancers in dirt, or the bottom of a tea cup..
Paint Puddle Dancers- so clever! Watch the video of them coming to life!

Painted Bags
Painting shoes- the sequins make them look more realistic
Painted bags II closeup
All in a row
Crystal Hands
And my favourite one!! Luck of the Irish
Dream Closet
Somewhere over the rainbow
Oscar de la Renta

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tobie Giddio

Tobie Giddio is a fashion illustrator/artist with some awe inspiring works!! She primarily uses charcoal and collage to create her works that connect fashion and art using line and colour superbly. Her dramatic lines suggest the female form in such an artistic way.  I love the dramatic use of line in her Show Studio series. The way she incorporates collage in really impressive too.
Show Studio series
Show Studio series
'I'm on a Plane' is a series of works combining photographs taken from a plane and using them in the fashion illustration in the same way as she would incorporate collaged paper.
I'm on a Plane
I'm on a Plane
McQueen Tribute
Swarovski CFDA
Swarovski CFDA
Tiffany & Co.
Squint Magazine/Breathtaking
Hustle Bustle
Infiniti Cars

luli Sanchez- Pattern/textiles designer

luli Sanchez is a pattern/textile designer who creates patterns for fabric for fashion and other surfaces.. What great designs! The following are a few of her categories and my favs. She uses watercolour, batik and Ikat techniques as well as others..