Saturday, February 25, 2017


So many cute ideas for up cycling to create bags! I have already made a bag from old cargo pants and want to have a go at the many different tote bags from t-shirts..

Cargo pants bag
Messenger bag from cargo pants

T-shirt bags!:

3 t-shirts- great instructions
The Patchwork Bear makes bags and other memorabilia from old t-shirts..
Tote from t-shirt
t-shirt Duffle bag
Easy classic t-shirt bag
Sweater/jumper bag

The bag tutorials/ideas:

Tote bag- great instructions
Bag from sweater
Square bag
Woven bag
Lego bag- Definitely to make when we have kids! Becomes a toy mat  that can be drawn up into a bag!
Denim jean bag
Easy water bag
Necktie bag
Men's tie bag- I like the touch of the buttons with the pointy end of the tie
Bandana Carryall
Reusable lined bags from fused plastic bags!- Gotta try!
Bag bag from sweater sleeve
Maiden Jane creates bags among other sewing and recycled projects:
"I love pretty damask and floral fabrics, but also fun, retro, fabrics as well. I also like to upcycle T shirts, sweatshirts, coffee bags and other items into new designs." 
Coffee sack bags
Seashell bags
Starbucks Apron bag
Bag from chestnut sack


Friday, February 10, 2017

Recycled Lampshades

Rachel Burke of Patturn Studios, based own Geelong, makes unique homemade lampshades made from decoupaged recycled material, such as sewing patterns, sheet music, maps etc. She has always been passionate about recycling and op shops, a passion we share. I love the recycled and surprise aspect of this type of craft.

Pianola lampshade
Sheet music
Sewing pattern
Braille Paper lampshade
Map lamp
TOBYhouse has recycled beach balls into lampshades! Great for a child's room!
Our fabulous Beach Ball Lampshades are made by hand using our pioneering treatment that renders real inflated beach balls rock hard on the inside, yet they still look soft and bouncy from the outside - even the blowhole remains visible!
Beach Ball lights