Thursday, July 31, 2014

Em's recent works

I have been experimenting with different techniques and medium as part of some extra practical art study I have been undertaking. Here are a few recent experiments and workshop outcomes..
Charcoal and eraser- my new favourite technique
First go at watercolour
Pages from my book made from transparent paper, drawing and mark making-  This was lots of fun to experiment with all types of mark making things (rubbings, stamps, stencils etc)

Summer Workshop

Summer: This is a number of my final outcomes for a summer workshop. 
I wanted to portray the heat of summer along with the Aussie bush and kids playing
Monotypes, prints and stamps with things such as wallpaper, bubble wrap and leaves.

Monumental Workshop
We drew an object many different ways and get to know it and then divide one of our images into 9 and draw each square in different media. I chose a stapler.

Coloured pencil, collage, ink, graphite pencil, chalk on black paper, charcoal, pastels, paint on newspaper and ink wash over wax candle (each segment is A3 size).
We had to choose three images, one architectural, one 2D pattern and another image, and then combine them into a new composition. It was the most challenging workshop as it was hard to get all three images working together well. But I got to experiment with lots of watercolour techniques.
Source images I used
Watercolour, salt, coloured pencil and charcoal
Charcoal and eraser
Image I love: Watercolour, salt and freezer paper used as stencil.

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