Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wai Ching

Fashion designer Chrissy Wai Ching creates these magnificent and funky, "wild yet wearable" wedding dresses amongst other couture fashion. The dyes, colours, fabrics and stitching on the clothing is awesome, different and eye-catching! I LOVE the Zolotova dresses!!

Zolotova Dresses
Zolotova Dress
Zolotova- LOVE!

Ivory Zolotova Dress
Silk Satin Embroided Zolotova Dress
Zolotova wedding dresses and baby dress!
Xenia Dress
Chrysanthemum Clip
Ring Bearer Pillow- Wow!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Creative Baby Photography

How cute are these photos Mum, Amber Wheeler, has taken of her baby to send him on an adventure from hot air balloon and motorbike riding to under the sea and outer space. Simlimar to the way Adele Emersen takes advantage of her sleeping baby's different positions and the same concept as Jan von Holleben's or Sion Queenie Liao's creative photography. I will definitely have to give this ago when I have kids..

Amber Wheeler
Amber Wheeler
Adele Emersen
Adele Emersen
Michal Zawar
Michal Zawar