Thursday, January 31, 2013

Em's Mosaic Pot #2

I finally got onto the other pot I have had sitting around waiting to be mosaic-ed. I did the first one last year. I stuck with the seaside theme to match the other pot and used mainly blues again. I had to source more crockery from the op shop and added red but also used some tiles and crockery that featured in the first pot. I had collected white shells while on holidays on North West Island, which I also used in the mosaic. I was worried they might look tacky but they turned out really well. I had planned a while ago to do a found object mosaic but found it difficult to source enough things that worked but still had a little blue lighthouse that matched so stuck him on one side. Can you spot it? After brainstorming on Pinterest, I decided to do a palm tree, sea-horse, thongs/flip flops and a sailing boat. My favourite are the thongs.. and the sea-horse..

Palmtree with Island shells
Sea-horse with stone bubbles and eye
Thongs/flip flops with Island shells
Sailing boat (spot the lighthouse)
My two favourite sides
In situ with the other pot

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obbligato Mosaic Planters

"Obbligato manufactures an exclusive range of contemporary plant pots, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle."
Obbligato makes to order planters, water features, furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoors for domestic, corporate or commercial environments. They are very modern with contemporary designs and shapes. I especially like the mosaic planters but the furniture and other planters are also very interesting..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recycled Wedding Ideas

I love the idea of a DIY wedding, especially using recycled materials. The idea of getting different people to contribute different handmade items etc is so meaningful. The Recycled Wedding Bouquets using buttons and fabric from my previous post is one way to incorporate recycled DIY. And keeping with that theme using fabric scraps in the decorating. I'm going to need to start collecting a whole heap of scrap fabric. These ribbons as decoration ideas are great.

Fabric scrap backdrop- burlap, lace, fabric, beads..

Offbeat Bride- DIY crafty recycled wedding
100 Layer Cake: Wedding planning resources including DIY projects.
Green Wedding Shoes Wedding ideas.
Ruffled: Wedding inspiration and ideas
Wedding trends (not necessarily recycled)
Offbeat Bride
Intimate Weddings: DIY wedding ideas, tutorials and real intimate weddings
Cheap Wedding Ideas

Monday, January 21, 2013

Acro Yoga

Wow! Have you seen or heard about acro yoga? Some poses look really comfy but far out you'd have to be fit!! I love partner yoga and using other people to help you into a pose so acro yoga would be good..

"Acro-yoga is a physical practice which blends elements of yoga, acrobatics, performance and healing arts."

Jason and Jenny's Acroyoga

Ashtanga Montreal Acro Yoga Workshop also here.
Also check out this flickriver Partner yoga
Acro Yoga on Pinterest


Ashtanga Montreal Acro Yoga Workshop

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fridge Magnets and Thumb Tacks

I love ABC fridge magnets that you and other people can leave messages with.. Or other things that can be changed regularly.. There are so many different ways to create them yourself.. But there are also some other fun and easy fridge magnet ideas that are really effective.. A lot of things that can be made into magnets can just as easily be made into thumbtacks.. Very cute! Marbles, typewriter or keyboard keys, scrabble letters, buttons, coins, bottle-caps, jig-saw pieces...

Class tile magnets- the possibilities are endless..
Still love these Pantone magnets made with paper glaze!
ABC Magnets with flat clear stones
Marble Magnets- these would be easy to make!
Love these fabric ABC magnets!
Security Envelope Magnets
Geekware keyboard thumbtacks- could also make into magnets
Sufolk puff/yo-yo pins
Scrabble Magnets- I made these from the left over letters I had with my Scrabble Coasters
Recycled numberplate magnets!
Spray painted letters
Couldn't get any easier- Button magnets- so effective and cute!
Button thumbtacks- simple yet so cute and effective!
Pom-Pom magnets or thumbtacks
Bottle-cap magnets- or turn them around and put pictures in them
Lady Beetle bottle cap magnets
Coin Fridge Magnets
Cork magnets
Cork magnets with holes to put things..
Map magnets- educational too. Could do states or countries..
Fabric covered Button Thumb tacks
Or Scrap Fabric Magnets with button cover kit
Google eyed monsters- are meant to be handles..
Jigsaw puzzles
Lego magnets
Toy animal magnets
Magnetic pegs- could also add a thumbtack to the back instead..
Tretris magnets or
Cross stitch Tetris magnets
Make them out of Wooden blocks
Wooden Tetris
and just because they're cool- iPhone magnets (I already have these). You could make these the same way as the glass tile magnets..