Sunday, June 12, 2011

Magazine Rack

We have needed a magazine rack in the bathroom for a while now but want to make one ourselves.. After a bit of searching I found these good designs. Two very different but both appealing designs! I like wood and anything that uses different types of wood. Like my bedside table that I made. But I also like the other design, which looks kinda art deco and could be made from some sort of recycled material? I always like that idea!

This fabric one also has an art deco feel.. I'm liking the fabric element..
Or this burlap/hessian one.. maybe combine the two designs and use hessian with the above rack..

I also don't mind this type of style as it is recycled. I also thought this style but use some kind of recycled fabric as the weave. Denim?

via and on Pinterest
By the way here is my bedside table I made in high-school. Laminated plywood made into a ball using the lathe (blunted the tools every few minutes because of all the glue in it), Tasmanian Silver Oak and Tiger Myrtle for the draw. Like I said I love the mix of woods.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Stop Motion Music

A clever and effective music clip. I've seen others like this and they always amaze me.

Human sized Pin-screen

This would be so fun! Check out more pics at the Facebook page

Glass Recycling

Groovy Green Glass are just one example of an organisation who collects wine/glass bottles and recycles them into functional items. Tumblers of all sizes, jugs, carafes, vases, candlestick holders, Jewelry and more. They have some great ideas, which I am dying to try. A set of original and unique tumblers and matching carafe from wine bottles look so retro and I love anything that's cleverly recycled. They would be quite easy to make, it would just be a case of drinking enough wine.

Maglova is another recycled glass artist who cuts and slumps recycled glass pottles into functional items such as wine glasses, vases, lights, windchimes etc.


Maglova vase
Blue dish

Champagne dish III
Leaf cork

Also check out Bottle Hood on Etsy for other recycled glass products including these bangles..
Green Champagne bottle bangles
Bombay Sapphire Gin Bangles
Vodka, Gin and Coke Bottle Necklace
Tall Wine and Ale Bottle Glasses

Cool Stuff

Etsy is a great marketplace to find cute gift ideas or handmade or recycled items for yourself. zJayne is just one seller with a great shop filled with
"Earth Friendly handmade recycled market bags, wristlets, organic dryer sheets, art and more made from repurposed T-Shirt materials and reclaimed jewels."

Fred & Friends has some quirky gift ideas for kitchen, office and beyond. Perpetual Kid are stockists of Fred products with a huge range of other fun and quirky gift ideas.

Uncapped pen holder
Unzipped Glass bag

Rubik's Cube Pepper Mill
Tank Up Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug

By the way I bought a big bundle of things from Perpetual Kid not relying on it to get here in time for Christmas, me not beng organised early enough and it came internationally (using International Checkout) within a few weeks! Well in time for Christmas!!