Monday, November 14, 2011


I definitely have a fascination with these lacy decorative mats. I am always collecting them in op shops with so many ideas for craft. Now I have even more ideas.. Here are a few..

Doily tablecloth via
Dyed doily table runner
Doily cushion

Doily Curtain
Doily Table runner
Crochet dress- could easily make with doilies.. dyed or not..
Add doilies to a plain cardigan
Crochet dress
Doily dresses- others at this site..
Wedding Dress!
Dyed doily dress?

Vintage Doily lampshade
Doily Bowl- Starch, glue and water, dip the doily in and then let dry over a balloon or bowl. LOVE IT!
So wanna do this! 
Doilies dipped in liquid porcelain and baked

Doily Canvas Bag
Paper doily fairy lights
Doilies and embroidery hoops artwork
Doily ideas
Reuse your doilies
Upcycled Doilies


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