Thursday, November 25, 2010

Em's Beaded Curtain

I made my own beaded curtain from pom poms and buttons. I used scrap wool to make random pom poms and recycled buttons all from op shops.

Very cool beaded curtain made from buttons! You can never have too many buttons.. there's so much you can do with them!!

And another cool door curtain idea with coins!

Or corks
Corks and eye hooks- I like the idea of these hooks. I think it would swing more easily and therefore be better as a door curtain to walk through.
Corks and beads
Or fabric
Fabric strips
Ribbon curtain
Macrame curtain- love this!
Check out more macrame on my macrame post.

'Wave"- Bottle tops- and other curtains made from bottle tops
Paper magazine beads

Beached Art

German artist Anke Paap collects found objects, both natural and man made, from beaches to create his Beached Art- Strandgut Collagen (Jetsam)

Read Between the Signs

Read Between The Signs is a project initiated in 2002. This ongoing roadside intervention is located along Route 322 at the gateway to Meadville and involves the design and fabrication of a 1200′ x 9′ sculptural relief made of discarded road signs.


Italian graphic designer, illustrator and craftsman-artist, Mario Marietti created these in the 80's using his hands painted to represent animals, athletes and other great illusions through colour.

Anastassia Elias

-French painter, illustrator and collage artist
-Toilet roll sculptures!

Jim Denevan

Similar to Andy GoldsworthyJim Denevan makes 'temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather.'

Andres Amadorarts is another artist with a similar concept.

A Sign of Space- Sand print Laga beach. Star pattern imprinted on sand at low tide using the beach's cleaning tractor with truck tyres on the roller.
Simon Beck is another similar artist who walks around in snow to create his art
Calvin Seibert also uses the temporality of nature to create his geometric and architectural sand castles.


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